Personal security threats come with the territory in a number of occupations, from politicians to businesspeople. Luckily, some acrylic sheets are tougher than others. Astariglas® provides a number of solutions to limit the chances of personal harm, with acrylic sheets that offer enhanced protection from high impact threats, from assaults to bullets (Astariglas® BR). Combining excellent optical clarity and high impact resistance, Astariglas® saves lives.


  • 耐冲击性
  • 优异的光学性能
  • 子弹阻力


  • 天气等级窗户
  • 安全入口
  • 商店入口报警门
  • 便利店
  • 加油站收银
  • 银行出纳窗口
  • 收费亭
  • 检查兑现计数器
  • 货币兑换亭
  • 出租车司机安全隔断
  • 珠宝展示柜
  • 法庭室安全栅
  • 警察局弹道屏障
  • 监狱/拘留中心玻璃窗
  • 精神卫生设施的保护屏障
  • 大使馆公共窗口



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