The number of brands, products and market outlets is increasing, making it harder for marketers to capture the attention of consumers. When it comes to signage, exhibition booths or displays, the strategy to stand out from the crowd is through design. But even the best design is ineffective without the right material. With its options of colour, thickness, surfaces and ease of use, Astariglas® offers excellent optical properties that increase the appearance of signage, booths or displays. Astariglas® also provide weather, impact and chemical resistance properties for greater life expectancy and better value for money. Lighting on the other hand has also become an important factor in the signage industry to gain customer attention. In addition, lights are also an important aspect of the overall ambience, creating mood. Answering these diverse needs, Astariglas® provides numerous acrylic sheet products to accompany lamp usage. From becoming decorative parts of lighting devices to protecting the lamp, from transmitting to dispersing the light, Astariglas® can enhance and disperse the light brilliantly.


  • 优异的光学性能
  • 容易制造
  • 选择颜色
  • 厚度选择
  • 表面选择


  • 台面标志
  • 自由站立的迹象
  • 室内(零售)P-O-P标牌
  • 桌面产品显示
  • 奖杯
  • 商店配件
  • 屏幕显示
  • 小工具待机显示



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