Nontoxicity is the key property that has enabled Astariglas® to earn its rightful place in the laboratory, medical equipment and food industries. Besides use in incubators and baby cribs, acrylic sheets are commonly used in the medical industry as a storage solution. Therefore, chemical resistance is another important property that can be obtained from Astariglas®. For the food industry, the function of Astariglas® is beyond storage, including the display the food in the most appealing fashion. Its excellent optical clarity helps to enhance the appetite of the beholder.

*Only for clear acrylic sheet and not suitable for food containing more than 8 per cent of alcohol


  • 无毒
  • 优异的光学性能
  • 耐化学性


  • 食品容器
  • 食品展示
  • 食品托盘
  • 食品配送设备
  • 食品制造中的机器保护
  • 食品制造中的输送带导轨